The Haitian Miracle is Possible

Ak Jezi Li Posib

A three-day crusade while providing medical, emotional, and financial assistance to at least 2000 people. Haitians from all the 10 regions of Haiti and the diaspora (New York, Boston, Florida, France, Bahamas, etc) will be represented.

Champ-de-Mars, Port-au-Prince.

July 22-July 24 with a three-day extension for people who want to explore the nice beaches and some historic sites of Haiti.

To glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, demonstrate the power of UNITY among God’s people while making a positive and lasting impact throughout the nation of Haiti.

A group of Haitian pastors, leaders and Haitian Professionals from different fields of expertise have decided to embrace the vision God entrusted Rev. Floreal with. Upon the inception of Shalom Community Church (Miami) in 2002, God gave Joanem Floreal, the founding pastor of that congregation, a vision to organize a crusade in major cities throughout the 10 regions of Haiti.


Spiritual Impact

Mass Evangelism through the three-day Crusade with an expected attendance between 50 to 100 thousands. Several well-known praise and worship leaders, recording artists in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora will be on the same podium to lead praise and worship.

Social Impact

Major Health Fair, school supplies distribution, Hygiene kits and  Food distribution in one of the major detention centers in the Metropolitan area while trying to help with the release of delinquent minors with the intent of rehabilitating them, and many other service projects, for instance: street cleaning, hospital cleaning,etc

Financial Impact

During the week-end, at least ten people will be selected from each department by a coordinating team to receive a voucher for $500, which will allow them to start a small business. They will receive some training on how to manage…. Details will be provided in the future

Environmental Impact

The participants from the 10 regions of Haiti will return home with at least 500 small trees to be planted in their respective region, which will help with the environmental degradation of Haiti.

Emotional Impact

Counseling will be provided by professional social workers to people with post-traumatic disorder, and other emotional issues….

General Impact

If this mega event can be put together by a group of Haitians in   Haiti and the diaspora, there is hope for Haiti. The Haitian Miracle is possible if only we can combine our resources and energy toward a greater and common cause.

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Donate Now

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